In the previous article of our investigation how important logistics are to any business, we saw all about planning, and embracing technology. And kick this one off with the impact of measuring and improvisation on a business and how they are pillars for growth.

No matter what type of business you are running, you cannot possibly know how it is performing unless you measure it and compare it to previous periods. In fact, logistics network optimization is of little use without measured feedback and analysis.

This is especially true when you adopt new strategies into your system, you need to measure them against old strategies to see if they are actually making a difference. It can mean the difference of success or failure to many new schemes and plans.

Measurement Tools & Software

Thankfully in today’s modern world there are many software systems that allow you to monitor aspects of your business very effectively and quite simply. You have to be able to drill down to exactly the information you want, important data that shows how a particular task is doing.

The development and future planning of your business depends hugely on how you take this information and what you do with it. Some of the metrics you can measure are:

  • Cost
  • Cycle time
  • Service

The more information and detailed feedback you can glean the better. Also, a good source of gathering information is your employees.

Employee Feedback

Another great source of gathering information about your business is from your employees. You should regularly give them an opportunity to voice their own feedback and ideas. Remember nobody has a better idea of your business than the people who work for you.

Employee evaluation

Frequent team meetings and training days will give a consistent pool of ideas, and at the same time it will highlight the flaws in existing systems. It will give you an opportunity to see problem areas in existing plans and techniques and opportunities to solve the problems.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be innovative. Think outside the box and always embrace new technologies. The true aim of logistics management is to make your business run smoother and more efficiently, and ultimately make your customers satisfied.

Getting the Workforce Engaged

When you are trying to implement new strategies that you have identified to help your business it is highly important that the workforce is fully behind you. Many businesses employ outside logistic management specialists to come in and investigate how their business is operating and to offer advice on how to streamline it.

The problem with these time & management companies is that they do not know your business inside out and the people who work for it. You must take your workforce with you every step of the way when you implement new strategies, tell them why they are being implemented and for what reasons.

If the people who work for you understand the rationale behind decisions, they are far more likely to adopt the change positively, and actually contribute their own ideas to it. If you try to bring some of the ideas, we have suggested in implementing effective logistics then you and your business will benefit significantly.